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Fridays with Mrs. Lovejoy

Ahhh today I was at work and noticed my co-worker rocking this Balmain inspired vest. It looks quite similar to the Balmain military/band jacket from Spring 2009 Fashion week.
To make a long story short, she tells me she gets the vest from where? ...none other than Target or (Tarjay as my friends and I call it) Immediately after work I high-tailed it to Target to find only 2 left. One large and one X-Small.
Anyway I also snagged Maybelline's newest Mascara "Lash Stiletto"
The verdict is: pretty packaging, free liquid eyeliner include, longer lashes, but not much thickness as I'd hoped. No clumping! Also it has a weird patent smell to it. I think its what gives off the "patent shine" Its okay for $6 but I prefer their XXL extension mascara. Have a happy Friday ya'll! Spring break for LSU finally!
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