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Can I just say Cantu Shea butter is the shhhhhh....dropitlikeadollarbill It keeps my natural hair moisturized and feeling awesome! Ulta has this hair dryer that is very green for the environment by Wigo! For only 19.99! Plus it comes with the combing attachment which is needed to blow out your afro into a big beautiful BAA!
I love it! Plus every first Tuesday of the month is College day so all College students get 20% off their purchase!
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  1. hey! I use raw shea butter as well! I can't say it does much for my hair specifically, but it seems to work better on my skin. I've been eyeing your blog and thought I should say hello! I like your style, it's eccentric and your natural hair adds a twist. I have natural hair & a style blog, maybe you could check it out sometime at girlwiththeafro.blogspot.com!


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