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Car Music: Passion Pit

I picked up the new Passion Pit CD, "Manners" on Thursday! I've been playing it nonstop in the automobile! Passion Pit concert next Thursday! I'm so excited! Music Video
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  1. wow oh wow! A pit full of euphoria! This is amazing!

  2. get the CALVIN HARRIS REMIX omgg awesome!

  3. I've been listening to the remix on my ipod for about 2 weeks now! I'm such a huge Calvin Harris fan.

  4. I love Passion Pit! The first time I heard that song "Sleepyhead" I listened to it about 50 times in one day. So addicting! They played Dallas yesterday but I'm not home so I missed it :(

    Also your style is AMAZING! And your hair is also. :)

  5. Thanks kendra. I can't wait to see Passion Pit tonight! I'll post a video of the show on my youtube tommorow or so of the concert.


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