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Hit the Heartbrakes

Urban Outfitters had a pretty decent sale in Rice Village yesterday. I picked up the Silence and Noise Corset bra which I originally saw on fashiontoast. Photobucket Regular Price: $28 Sale Price: $9.99 I think I might go back and buy 2 more! It doesn't look exactly the same on me. For some odd reason I hit puberty at the age of 20 and started growing breasts, hips and assets. Photobucket My dog Macaroni wants in on the action! Photobucket Pose bitch! Even though Macaroni is a he! I spent Memorial Day at Herman Park near the Houston Zoo with KillaKalvin. It was nice but really crowded! Photobucket Photobucket Went to Whole Foods before our picnic and picked up these little morsels of delight! Photobucket C'est La Vie!
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