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Mama I want to be like Lola Falana

My precious natural hair that I've been growing for over 2 years is quite a lifeform of its own. My ideal head of hair is one that covers all of my body. Photobucket So in order to get to that dream I must try products. What I bought yesterday is Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Photobucket Its said to be a crowd pleaser But take note I'm never in the crowd. So far the water and glycerin mix has been working fine as a moisturizer but I'm willing to give Carol a shot. A $12.00 shot. Anyone use any of the Carol's daughter products before?
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  1. Hope it works out for yu. nd love that hair pic. :)

  2. I've only used the Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner and it's "okay". 11 bucks for that was kind of a waste cause I could have mixed my own spritz to make that...I want to try more of the products though b/c of the ingredients.

  3. Wow I was going to purchase the leave-in. If you have a recipe for the spritz send it my way!

  4. I use ONLY carol's daughter products! Hair Milk is a necessity! Tui Hair Oil for my hot oil treatments...and HAIR BALM is a MUST for the extra shine (not to mention is smells great)! I also suggest the Kizzi stay put palmade for when you wanna slick your hair back! That's a keeper in my rotation!

  5. ladies sorry this product is HORRIBLE, I just purchased it 2 days ago. It barely keep my natural 'fro mositurizes leaves a film, I used on 1/4 of the bottle on the 1st try and am not satisfied. I love carols daughter body butters but this was disappointing for $18.

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