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So the hot thing now is Minx nails. They have been on everyone from Beyonce to Eve, Rihanna, Solange...and so on. I first noticed them on Beyonce in her spread from Seventeen Magazine. Photobucket Immediately I scoured the net to find the mysterious chrome nails. Photobucket After an intense research session I discovered the girl was rocking MINX nails. A sort of "dry manicure" in which patterns are simply applied on to the nail. I told my friend Coco about this phenomenon and she went out and tried it herself. Results: Most Recent 6/21 Photobucket Photobucket First time Photobucket Oh and Ms.Flowers got the silver chrome. Photobucket Stylish bunch those two are. Hey Coco! Now you can make-up for my birthday gift..that I DID not receive.
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  1. so when i tried to get minx i saw online that they were $150+ did you guys really pay that much for them???


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