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Root Canal

Today I went in to seal my root canal. I never want to have another in life. I feel like I will take care of my teeth 1000% better than before. Pass the dental floss please! Photobucket Photobucket Vintage GAP vest-Thrifted, Bandeau Bodysuit- American Apparel, Grey Pique Bloomers- American Apparel, Oxford Saddle Shoes- Payless I bought these Oxford Saddle shoes in 2007. I was going through a hardcore psychobilly, vintage 50's pin-up stage in my life [insert insane picture here] Photobucket And seemingly, I needed to keep it authentic down to the saddle shoes, bobby socks and cupcake dresses. I still dig the style very much and turn to it when I look for experimentation in elegance. Side note: 2000 visitors to the blog! Thanks to everyone who has been checking it out and commenting! I love to hear from you guys! What do you want to see more of on the blog? Outfits? Hair? Fashion updates? DIY projects? Let me know! rinnyriot@gmail.com
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  1. hahaha i have those shoes and people around my area always make fun of them calling them bowling shoes!?!?!??! I told them that they are oxfordss and even my teachers all say those are oxford saddleshoes CUTEEE! but to the ones hwho are dumb in trems of fashion they insist they are "bowling shoes" so we googled them and I was right.

  2. I've heard people call them bowling shoes too. If thats true, I could surely save on the rental next time I go bowling

  3. I love those shoes! These are two hot to be bowling shoes! Lord knows where in a recession. Aint no way a bowling alley will let you slip in with your own shoes. =]

    P.S. Channeling Amy Whine house in the last pic much?

  4. Hi!

    I love white cuffed bobbysocks with saddleshoes and would like to know if you do some photos wearing these with a high/tight and long sleeved turtleneck, with a pencil skirt and hose and a blazer!


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