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Beauty School Drop-out

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Checkered Button-up shirt- Old Navy, Black Halter Bodysuit- American Apparel, Two-Sided Leggings- American Apparel, Oxford Saddle shoes- Payless

 Credit be to Kalvin for creating the idea of shooting in a car junkyard. There just so happened to be 2 cars that caught on fire while we were there. It was ridiculously hot! I decided to revert to my old faithful fro-hawk hairstyle as I haven't worn it in a while and it simply is one of my favorite things to do with my hair because I don't know how to braid. I feel like I'm channeling my old psychobilly self again or maybe even Janelle Monae.

 Now ladies and gents, if you're contemplating these leggings, beware they will bring all sorts of attention. I went to the mall in these and was mortified because it was a children's health fair. I did wear the body suit to cover my bum; however next time I go out I'm more than likely going to be a little bit more daring and rock em commando! Sidenote: My twitter account was restored. I can rest easy.
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  1. I was ABOUT to say you look like Janelle Monae! Are the shoes comfortable? They're adorable :)

  2. They're like wearing Converse too me. I always keep Dr.Scholls nearby.

  3. lovess it! i see youre rockin the neon pink again! haha

  4. Props to Calvin and Riot. This photo set came out very well!

  5. hahaha yeees tights! i was gonna get some while i was in atlanta.. and thought to myself "hm those would be good in a shoot.. wearing only those on my bottom"
    im inspired to do so lol

  6. these photos are genius! love ur hair btw, kinda weird those shoes came from payless.

  7. Janelle Monae is wonderful. Her voice is incredible and she's gorgeous. Yes, you do look quite a bit like her.


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