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California Love

Photobucket Photobucket I love the fact that California is so Green! I can dig any state that's environmentally conscious. Photobucket Mountains out here are gorgeous. But don't drive through them by yourself at night! Photobucket Photobucket Graum's Chinese Theatre Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket The Bettie Page store! I absolutely love this store! Classic dresses! Not too expensive! Photobucket This guy was doing a tribute to thriller across from Graum's theatre Photobucket I'm working on it Will Smith. That pretty much sums up my first visit down Hollywood Boulevard. I will be back soon because the shoe selection is crazy! Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! Photobucket Highlight of my day when I came across this star!
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  1. that trip looked fun! i live here and never been to hollywood =/ lol you should come to san francisco if you haven't been :)

  2. cool!!! i love your blog :]
    did you check to make sure that that was the right michael jackson star? i've heard that theres 2.. one is for some comedian or something i cant remember lol

    i shall go there one day!

  3. Hey, found you from BGLH! I'm in Houston too, with California dreams. Was it difficult to relocate? I would love to know more about the transition.

  4. currently still transitioning prior the move. and it was difficult because of the 20 hour drive. Texas is huge!

  5. I guess my biggest question is the money issue. Did you have a job or anything already in place when you moved? Was it difficult to find housing/apartment?


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