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If I Ever Feel Better

This song has been in my head all weekend. I've officially been in L.A. for a month and I'm not a prey to any of the vices that appear before me except food. Those In-N-Out burgers are amazingly delicious. But I'm cutting back on the fast food and trying to start cooking again. I might make a casserole soon or tortellini- I got a recipe from a co-worker. I've really been exploring lately. Every Sunday I try to make some time to go down Melrose. This Sunday I went to the Swap meet on Fairfax and Melrose. I met some incredible people and hopefully I'll get to introduce them to you guys soon here! I apologize for the lack of pictures, I left my camera adapter in Houston. I guess I'll have to use my blackberry camera to compensate. Or if anyone in Cali wants to join the lady for an adventure with a Nikon D60 camera please do!
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  1. Sooo I totally love California! I'm from NY and I visited for the first time in July 09 and I've been making plans to move there ever since. Those In-N-Out burgers are to die for... I'm also smitten with the Goodburger(? I think that's what its called) franchise they've got out there! Cali knows how to make a good burger!

    You've got to tell me all the great places to shop out there so I know where to go when I get back!

  2. Hey did you graduate from LSU or did you transfer? jw

    Anyway looking forward to more Youtube videos miss

  3. Transfer. More youtube vids when I charge up the cam.


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