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Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Sorry guys, I did not intentionally stay away for this long! My laptop power adapter broke to the point of no jiggling could restore it's life. Here's all the great stuff I didn't post! I went to visit the American Apparel factory in downtown L.A. and the place is pretty big. I only stopped in the factory outlet. I'll have to go back for a tour later. I had lunch at this place called Carney's in Studio city. It was basically a train car remodeled into a restaurant. They claimed to have the best Hot Dogs in L.A...maybe just not today. L.A. Drivers are some of the wittiest people out there! I discovered this random picture of myself from the French Horn Rebellion Concert I went to in August with Kalvin I got this dress from Value Village for about 2 bucks or so. Haven't been thrifting in a while and it seems as if I should out here in California because word is the studios donate their old wardrobes to the goodwills and salvation armies! Muy Divertida
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  1. GORLS seems like your really enjoying California! Please post when you find some good thrift shops I'm interested in checking out a few!

  2. i love finding new and interesting ppl/blogs, ur blog kinda made my day.

  3. Glad you checked out my blog! It was great meeting you at the French Horn show. BTW, Hellidays is hilarious! You are too cute! :)

  4. Labelfree i'll be checking out a few around me this weekend. Have you heard of Jet Rag?

    Sewing Stardom: Thanks a millybilly. My heart warms.

    Invasionista: Thanks for the compliments. I will keep up with your blog to see what's going on in Houston

  5. No *ashamed* I have lived in California all my life and still have so much to see! Only shop I know of is the Buffalo Exchange and this shop near Hollywood/Vine

  6. ohhh puuhleasee go thirfting so when we come u can take us to all the fab places. =)

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  8. R, I've never seen anyone more exquisite in a Value Village purchase. Also, I feel the need to say that if you're ever in Seattle, check out the drivers here. They're not better or worse, just bad in different ways.


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