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Because my hair needs care

So I strolled in the aisles of Marshall's and finally picked up a much needed Denman brush. A necessity to the kinky-curly girl. Get this: It was only $3.99 Friday, I went to TJMaxx for the first time out here and was able to snag another Denman brush for 6.99- you always need a back-up plan! They also had Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner for 4.99. I've heard pretty good reviews about Giovanni and I don't own any leave-in conditioners surprisingly. So we'll just have to see how this works out! I also am reviewing the Original Fragrance Shop Curl Stimulator. Sister Roberta recently brought the product back into production! Directions: Shampoo hair and towel dry. Distribute Curl Stimulator as you would shampoo and work from roots to ends. Drip Dry Ingredients: Cactus Pulp, spring water, and essential oils Review: Originally, during application my curls were holding in their typical damp state however it did not hold when my hair dried. It did however make my hair relatively soft. I do feel if your hair is finer in texture it might work for you. I also believe this product would do well on children's hair. As for me, my hair is way too thick to really get too much use out of the curl stimulator. I'll just stick with their Hair Butter.
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  1. yes those are definitely the natural girl's must have, i can't wait until i have a fro.

  2. Are You In Paris?<3 I saw you in Yvan's Photos.. ?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. no, i'm in America. can you link me this yvan website? which photo is it?

  5. I've been looking your videos and your blog about year now, and i was pretty sure that it was you.. here is link http://yvanrodic.blogspot.com/2009/10/paris-october-2nd-2009.html

  6. What!!! Giovanni Leave-in for. 4.99thats a steal. its usually around $8, amazing BUY!!!

  7. Hi there- Luv ur blog! Hope u have a lovely day! xxx

    Jasna- Chictopia


  8. As for myself, I dont have any leave in conditioner as of yet.
    Still looking for one...
    Let us know how you feel about the product Please ~

    Shanel Nicole~

    Ps. Love your Style ~

  9. I, too,am natural. I LOVE the denman brush and all Giovanni products. It's such a cheap alternative to my faves Aveda and Obliphica. Good hair luck


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