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It's not Target, It's Tar-Jay'

sidenote: those pants are not supposed to be there. they're blocking black strapless dresses
I stumbled across these delicious niblets of color in Target on Friday. Apparently the theme of their new Go Collection is: Color! It might look cheesy in the photos but I assure you as a self-proclaimed tarjaynista, you will love it.

 The hot pink blazer is my favorite. The price point for most pieces was around 39.99! I'm just going to wait for it to go on sale! "...but don't just take my word for it" Toodles.
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  1. What incredibly well-merched Target were you in? They don't look this organized near me! LOL

  2. I went to a Target in Northridge and Panorama City and they both had the same steez...the one on Victory near Sherman Oaks is pretty good too!

  3. what target in la did you find the pink go int blazer? I've only been able to find the black one


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