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No Fillers Please

No this is not a filler post. I'm genuinely excited about this group. I had a improv performance today and one girl did her performance to this. It's amazing when you discover music abroad. I can't understand a lick of it but its catchy and in my book thats all that matters...(souljahboi need not apply) ...I of course had to represent Texas by doing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. (Cue: Leotard and flesh colored dance tights) Pics and possibly video coming soon from my performance! In case you missed it: ...i vlogged.
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  1. GIRL!!! I'm so mad I keep missing you. Really.

    And LOL at the firm handshake thing!!! I've never noticed.


  2. The firm handshake...what a lot of people think is that this is a sign of masculinity, but in actuality, it's a sign of respect. As relaxed as everyone is here in Seattle, rarely will you get something like this here. People (for the most part) respect space and boundaries here...As far as music goes, it doesn't matter where it comes from, or what it sounds like, as long as it's pleasing to the ear. I LOVE that you said, "This is no joke..."
    No need to explain! You dig it, you dig it. I ain't knockin' ya, and for sure, catchy.

  3. Love SNSD, they're one of my fav Korean pop groups


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