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Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

So as you guys know the Kill City Warehouse sale was this weekend so I did have to go pop in and see what was there. I got 2 awesome pairs of skinnies for just $25. I know I got light denim jeans but I kind of have a feeling about these things...it just might work in the Fall. I also have to mention I ran into my stellar readers!  
Ivana and Alicia R. Alicia R. write a blog here: http://insertbigwordshere.blogspot.com/ By the way Alicia if you're reading this, where did you get your boots?! I want some sick combat boots like these by Steve Madden:
  steve madden dr buck Pictures, Images and Photos

They look a little less bulky as compared to the Doc Martens... Daria Boots! ...Finally!
Uffie Pop The Glock from Uffie on Vimeo.
Whatever hipster party they're throwing in the video, I want in! It looks like fun! I noted a bunch of designer duds in it like Chloe boots, Jeremy Scott hoodies, Steven Sprouse for Louis Vuitton...i digress I remember when this song was on my myspace page!

 I remember myspace? The song is about 3 years old. I know Uffie had a baby recently as is everyone else this year apparently but I hear the album "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans" will be coming in 2010. Cross yer fingers mates!
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  1. LOVE THAT SONG! it was on myspace too lmao

  2. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah...still kicking myself for missing that sale.

    I'm determined to catch you one of these days!!!!!

  3. did you ever find the boots? because I just got some at Forever 21 the other day.

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