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Folk Tradition Vintage

Shop Folk Tradition Vintage So I've been meaning to post this for a while now guys but my schedule has been hectic! Sorry for neglecting you guys! You know I love you! I shot for Folk Tradition Vintage a while ago. You can keep up with their new arrivals on their blog here: http://folktradition.blogspot.com/
 They have some pretty nice stuff! I really want the suede turquoise strapless dress. It seems to have RIOT written all over it. The off the shoulder white dress made me feel like Sheila E.! I also like the off the shoulder 90s velvet dress. It reminds me of Blossom! *hums* "She wants to lead the Glamorous life"
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  1. GORGEOUS photos, girl!!!

    Dude, we HAVE to catch up soon.

  2. goooorgeous! love the clothes and you look haawt! :)

    kinda weird question but did you play any sports in highschool? lol

  3. I love the semi high lace up booties.going to check the site put

  4. i love EVERYTHING you wear, girl. it's so refreshing to see a girl as curvy as you wear stuff that we only see skinny chicks wear. *snaps three times* work. lol and when you get a chance, check out my blog!


  5. You look so beautiful in all of these things!

    Lovely blog!


  6. sweater and glasses,....definitely the sweater and glasses!


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