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Ross is Boss

As you guys know I am a Ross Stan! I've been oh so lucky with Ross lately! I got these amazing Dolce Vita Hazel flats for $24.99! Regular price is around $77.00 according to Zappos.com
 I like them a lot because they look like a nude flat for brown girls. It's not often that nude is made for me but I can dig it! It's crazy because URBN (Urban Outfitters) sells Dolce Vita shoes for upwards $200 Other things I scooped up Maybelline Mineral Finish Make-up Kit Astrology books for $4.99 each reg price $12.99 The "what your birthday says about you" is incredible! It's shocking how much it matches me and everyone I read it too! Organic Orange Face Cleansing pads After creating this post, I need to go to Ross again!
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  1. Damn, I wish we had Ross in Chicago. I want those books!

  2. Which one are you going to? The ones out here SUCK!!!!!

  3. mmmh can you update on how that mabeylinee makeup kit works for you? I'm curious.

  4. ohmygoodness I love ross! They're everywhere here in VA! i find the best stuff there :D

  5. My Ross Picks

    Van Nuys
    San Fernando Mission

  6. Big fan of Ross, Marshall's, & TJ MAXX. You just never know what you'll find there. I love the element of surprise!


  7. Damn, I'm jealous, lol. I've never seen Dolce Vita at Ross. Cute Shoes


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