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Photobucket So I'm 21. as Legal as I'll ever be! I can't rent cars, hotels, and go in the casino. Oh yeah and drink but I don't drink so...
 Photobucket I had a quaint little get-together at my place with all my friends! and all in all I'm really happy to be surrounded by such awesome and astounding people! If my next 20+ years are like this I'll be set.

...oh yeah I got this sick leopard ring at the Flea Market of all places! Can you believe it?


This was the first year I went to SXSW in all my years being in Texas! ...and let me tell ya'll it was awesome! Photobucket



Where are you Yeezy?
I rock these boots every chance I get! I want to go so bad next year! But fortunately I will be in L.A... Photobucket Ah Texas! I will miss it!

Texas-Sized Thrift Stores

....soooo I was on my way back to Texas Friday and my school chum Victor is always raving about this thrift store on the outskirts of Houston. He got a brand new Member's Only jacket from there.

needless to say I had to check it out. and here are my winnings:
Vintage Leather Eddie Bauer backpack! Can you say SCORE?!
it kind of reminds me of the Alexander Wang leather backpack! something I can't afford at the time! *sigh*

I also got this stuff! Nice Marines tank
I love this cute Gianni Berrini purse! Hot Pink and cross-body strap! I'm down!
...and now I'm getting ready to go to Austin tommorow for SXSW!

I have a DIY habit out of boredom!

So lately, I've been shredding shirts and studding crap outside of my day job(s) and class! I got look of the week on Fabsugar for my shredded shirt: http://www.fabsugar.com/2910202Photobucket
And I've done a bit of thrifting! I'm soooo on the hunt for vintage jean shorts right now! PhotobucketCan you believe they're DKNY! Great Material too! I also got this awesome GAP Vest for $2PhotobucketAnyway this is how far I got on my studding project...Photobucket
I need some kind of exact-o knife to cut through the canvas and hard padding in the ankle. Whatevz.
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