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Since everyone is talking about Swine Flu

I hope you're happy America. This is what it comes to.

Best flick that looks like it should be 70s but really is 80s

Photobucket This movie rocks! I remember first watching it on UPN when there still was a UPN and not the "under-priveledged network" known as MyTV. Thing is when I first saw this movie I was a kid and had no idea it was about adolescents competing to lose their virginity. ...plus I'm sure since I saw it on broadcast television they edited those parts out. -atleast thats what Wikipedia tells me. anyway here's the trailer. You can watch the whole movie on Youtube if you want.

Laugh of the Day

Reggie Watts

Can we agree that this man is crazy entertaining?

Payless has my eyes peeled.

So back in the day Payless had very little to offer. But These shoes are channeling all sorts of Designer Chic! You Go Payless! Photobucket

Daria back on Mtv

Sooo a school chum of mine hipped me to the fact that Daria is back on Mtv and here I am watching it before work! I hope Mtv brings back Clone High too! My favorite show!

Res pt. 2: Santigold produced the album!

I looked Res CD up online and found out it is on sale this week @ Best Buy for 7.99! Credits list Miss Santi White as an Executive producer. small world. Yeah.


This chick was one of the hottest I'd seen in a while!
Find more videos like this on Afro-punk

I really wish she would come back to the music scene before 2012!

Patty Fields

well if you don't know, now you know. I'm obsessed with Patrica Field. Photobucket I was introduced to her lines by a dear friend of mine (Ashley A.) because she knew I am oh so Barbie-girl obsessed and it just so happened that Ms.Field debuted her Barbie by Patricia Field line. Ever since its been pure bliss.
Until recently. Her Barbie line sold out of Black Bowling bags and I snagged one on ebay for $168.00
Then I find out not only is she re-releasing the line for April but she is coming out with the bag in white too! This blows.

I can't keep up with you people.

ARGH. I refuse to burn out on my blogging! REFUSE it in the name of Dr. Pepper. Anywho. Here's what I'm wearing today. It's very Balmain inspired.
Coincidently, I come across a pic of Beyonce, rocking the Balmain jacket.

...at least she's from Houston

 I went to Albertson's for my grocery shopping and discovered their cosmetics are on sale at 25% off. Needless to say, I opted for Wet n'Wild Lipstick. It was only .99.

Not a bad color pay-off either. It kind of reminds me of MAC's Barbie collection lipstick "Pink Poodle" Sold wherever Wet n' Wild is.

Natural Hair Sisters

Can I just say Cantu Shea butter is the shhhhhh....dropitlikeadollarbill It keeps my natural hair moisturized and feeling awesome! Ulta has this hair dryer that is very green for the environment by Wigo! For only 19.99! Plus it comes with the combing attachment which is needed to blow out your afro into a big beautiful BAA!
I love it! Plus every first Tuesday of the month is College day so all College students get 20% off their purchase!

Because Tuesday's were made for exploring

I traveled all over the depths of Harwin in Houston to find a place to get Henna done on my arm but many of the Indian/Henna shops were closed. What gives? I tried out the Covergirl Queen bronzer. I love it! But I'm having a hard time with the natural hue foundation. I'm going back to exchange for a better match. So far it gives me a cute natural look. CG Queen Bronzer in Brown Bronze, Natural Hue Foundation in Golden Honey, NYX Lipgloss in Natural, Maybelline Stilletto Mascara

Fridays with Mrs. Lovejoy

Ahhh today I was at work and noticed my co-worker rocking this Balmain inspired vest. It looks quite similar to the Balmain military/band jacket from Spring 2009 Fashion week.
To make a long story short, she tells me she gets the vest from where? ...none other than Target or (Tarjay as my friends and I call it) Immediately after work I high-tailed it to Target to find only 2 left. One large and one X-Small.
Anyway I also snagged Maybelline's newest Mascara "Lash Stiletto"
The verdict is: pretty packaging, free liquid eyeliner include, longer lashes, but not much thickness as I'd hoped. No clumping! Also it has a weird patent smell to it. I think its what gives off the "patent shine" Its okay for $6 but I prefer their XXL extension mascara. Have a happy Friday ya'll! Spring break for LSU finally!

Nail Color for Spring

So I had to return this blow dryer attachment to Sally's. I lost the receipt and could only exchange. So i ended up getting some amazing nail polishes by China Glaze. These colors are perfect for Spring: Rich and Famous, Shocking Pink (NEON), and For Audrey. I read on Polish Addict's blog that For Audrey is supposed to resemble Tiffany & Co. blue. It's brown girl-friendly! Catch you homefries later!

Obsession with the 60s

So lately I've been uber-obsessed with the 60s. I feel like men were dressed better back then.

 David Ruffin was a Rockstar.
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