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So the hot thing now is Minx nails. They have been on everyone from Beyonce to Eve, Rihanna, Solange...and so on. I first noticed them on Beyonce in her spread from Seventeen Magazine. Photobucket Immediately I scoured the net to find the mysterious chrome nails. Photobucket After an intense research session I discovered the girl was rocking MINX nails. A sort of "dry manicure" in which patterns are simply applied on to the nail. I told my friend Coco about this phenomenon and she went out and tried it herself. Results: Most Recent 6/21 Photobucket Photobucket First time Photobucket Oh and Ms.Flowers got the silver chrome. Photobucket Stylish bunch those two are. Hey Coco! Now you can make-up for my birthday gift..that I DID not receive.

Blood on the Dance Floor

I love and miss Michael Jackson so much already! Photobucket My tribute. Photobucket Long live the King!

Mama I want to be like Lola Falana

My precious natural hair that I've been growing for over 2 years is quite a lifeform of its own. My ideal head of hair is one that covers all of my body. Photobucket So in order to get to that dream I must try products. What I bought yesterday is Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Photobucket Its said to be a crowd pleaser But take note I'm never in the crowd. So far the water and glycerin mix has been working fine as a moisturizer but I'm willing to give Carol a shot. A $12.00 shot. Anyone use any of the Carol's daughter products before?

Gingerbread Man

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Saturdays are for...

Today I've merely dragged myself from Harwin Shopping district and fought the jungle in the galleria. Photobucket I feel maybe half the entire Houston population was in the Galleria today. Nordstrom had an amazing sale so I went ahead and got the black Steve Madden Boogle sandals. [pic coming soon] I also went to the Goodwill store in River Oaks and came out on top. I got this stellar Hot pink sequin dress Photobucket and a Black blazer which I intend to stud soon as I figure out If I will use circle studs or pyramids. Photobucket Photobucket Just thought I would throw that random pic in for good measure.

Of the Sun

Long Sleeve Micro-mesh Dress- American Apparel, Bandeau Bodysuit- American Apparel Sandals- Steve Madden Boogle

I'm still in Mourning for Michael Jackson...hence the wearing all black. Surprising enough this outfit was actually cool during the 100 degree Houston weather. I did however change for the Houston PRIDE celebrations which I enjoyed fully. Photobucket

Make me Over

As almost every girl I know, I have a true affinity for make-up and cosmetics. I'd like to think of it as one of my fondest hobbies. About 2 years ago I set out to become a make-up artist. The art of make-up application somehow intrigued my mind and constantly had me looking for employment by way of MAC or Sephora. Instead I ventured out own my own into a brand of cosmetics that were both cost-effective and great quality. So I became a brand rep for NYX cosmetics last fall and now attempt to sell and practice my artistry. Too bad the economy sucks though. Photobucket

Get Real with your body

The life of a 20-year old is typically care-free especially when it comes to health. We have the same mindset that we did in our teens, "we're invinsible" and don't truly believe the mantra of "what you do in your 20s shows up in 30s" But being as I have a vegan boyfriend, I've fallen under his influence I have definitely developed an affinity for whole and organic foods. Photobucket some of the best organic tea I've had next to Snapple. Photobucket Better than Carmex. It's au natural and oh so tasty. I also believe ever since I stopped relaxing my hair and embraced my natural texture inspired me to travel down the path or organics! Photobucket Make no mistake: I do enjoy frequent trips to Cracker Barrel. I keep a map of all U.S. locations in my car.

Spiralling Down

Remember the Alice + Olivia for Payless shoes I mentioned a few posts back? Well I did in fact go out on a journey to find them. Perfect platform so they're comfortable to walk in and make me 6 feet with the 5 inch heel. I give them 4 gold stars. Photobucket

Video Break

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

Photobucket Shirt- American Apparel Loose Crop Top, Shorts- Vintage Levi's, Shoes- DIY Studded Converse, Bag- Thrifted Vintage Eddie Bauer Leather Backpack Photobucket
 On occasion I meet up in the Lower Westheimer district and flout around with friends. Specifically my fashionable beau, BooBoo...well I mean Brent! We ended up having lunch and hanging out at Cecil's Pub and then to Texas Art Supply because I really wanted to buy a canvas.

Sexy Attack

Ok this post could be slightly irrelevant to some but I love it! Theatre Junkie/Drama Club kids like myself really do appreciate these Random acts of theatre where a group of individuals go to public places and freeze or sing or even dance. Houston's Performance Art Lab has a little schtick they do called "Sexy Attack" where the perform a routine from Eric Pyrdz "Call On Me" music video. I'm glad we have something like this in Houston! Can I join?

The 48 Hour Film Project

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I really think Team Away With Film did a great job! Kalvin is great director and I see epic films in his future! Geaux team!

Queen of the Hill

Photobucket Tank- Sebastien Tellier for American Apparel Sexualitee, Socks- American Apparel Shoes- DIY studded Converse I probably won't post this weekend because my boyfriend is participating in the annual 48hr film project where we create a film in 2 days. Filming starts tommorrow at 7 A.M. Hopefully I wake-up in time! Wish us Luck you guys! Team Away With Film For the Win!

Passion Pit Concert

This is what we've all been waiting for, well me atleast! Photobucket Damn Good show! PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The Mystical Powers of Bronzer

I finally figured out how to let Bronzer work for me. In keeping up with this post about beauty I felt it was pertinent to include this Photobucket


Been a while since I opened up the gates of my fashion membrane to you all but this is what I'm salivating after right now: PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

The Helio Sequence

Last night I saw The Helio Sequence and Dri in concert here in Houston at Rudyard's. The show was crazy good! I hope many of you guys check out The Helio Sequence as they tour through your towns, you won't regret it. They're really nice and approachable. One of the reasons why I dig indie artists. They were hangin out downstairs in the bar with the common folk. When I met Dri she said, she saw me at the bar and thought I was pretty, I think she might have mentioned my hair but my ears failed me after the show. I really dig artists with down to earth personalities and great music is always a plus. Here's a clip of Dri's music ...Passion Pit concert tonight by the way!

Classic Movies

Photobucket Woke up this morning to a classic black and white movie.
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