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This is Halloween

My favorite holiday of all time is here! As a kid I had to pretend like Christmas was my favorite because some kids in my class told me Halloween was the devil's holiday and I didn't want to be in good with Hades! Oh well I'm a grown-up now and I celebrate it to the fullest(-there goes that phrase again) Lets take a past look at my Halloween get-ups
 I was the infamous New York one year from Vh1's "Flavor of Love" or "I Love New York" Last year, I was M.I.A. and my best friend Marz was Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.
Did we come close? oh and just cause I promised you guys pics of the "Single Ladies" Improv performance and a video:

No Fillers Please

No this is not a filler post. I'm genuinely excited about this group. I had a improv performance today and one girl did her performance to this. It's amazing when you discover music abroad. I can't understand a lick of it but its catchy and in my book thats all that matters...(souljahboi need not apply) ...I of course had to represent Texas by doing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. (Cue: Leotard and flesh colored dance tights) Pics and possibly video coming soon from my performance! In case you missed it: ...i vlogged.

Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

So as you guys know the Kill City Warehouse sale was this weekend so I did have to go pop in and see what was there. I got 2 awesome pairs of skinnies for just $25. I know I got light denim jeans but I kind of have a feeling about these things...it just might work in the Fall. I also have to mention I ran into my stellar readers!  
Ivana and Alicia R. Alicia R. write a blog here: http://insertbigwordshere.blogspot.com/ By the way Alicia if you're reading this, where did you get your boots?! I want some sick combat boots like these by Steve Madden:
  steve madden dr buck Pictures, Images and Photos

They look a little less bulky as compared to the Doc Martens... Daria Boots! ...Finally!
Uffie Pop The Glock from Uffie on Vimeo.
Whatever hipster party they're throwing in the video, I want in! It looks like fun! I noted a bunch of designer duds in it like Chloe boots, Jeremy Scott hoodies, Steven Sprouse for Louis Vuitton...i digress I remember when this song was on my myspace page!

 I remember myspace? The song is about 3 years old. I know Uffie had a baby recently as is everyone else this year apparently but I hear the album "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans" will be coming in 2010. Cross yer fingers mates!

Lips Like Morphine

I have this thing about Lipsticks right now. I love it! I daily rock a red lip! MAC might be where its at but I love NYC Moisturizing Lipstick in Retro Red! Recently however, I've been looking for more subtle colors and nude. So I searched high and low bout a new Orange-y lipstick by Jordana in "Mango" and NYX in "Orion" Then I went across to Rite Aid to buy just a Maybelline Eye Pencil and noticed they had a buy one Maybelline Eye/Lip product and get one free. So naturally I'm in the Lipsticks and find this baby! Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolor I must say it's pretty great. Especially as a nude lip. As a black chick, I have to say when most cosmetic companies make something in nude, It makes my lips look Ashy! But this has great undertones that match chocolate skin. In fact I'd recommend this lipcolor for any skin-type! The important thing to me is a lipstick with moisture. I honestly don't like layering gloss, dazzleglass and whatever on top of a great color. I just like it matte and simple. I can rest on my search! Anyway to all my folks in L.A. Kill City is having a warehouse sale this weekend! I'm mostly familiar with the brand by the line they carry at URBN. They make a stellar denim line! I suggest if you have the weekend to yourself check it out! : ( I have to work!

My Delirium

I went to see Ladyhawke at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. She did a good acoustic set and I was captured by the Space 15Twenty bloggers
 Rockin my new Jeffrey Campbell twin boots and a $2 romper I got from the Salvation army. Tuxedo Blazer- URBN


Ah yes passing time after work. Please excuse the camera phone quality. I left my camera at home. I love my new Steve Madden shoes! They remind me of the Marni Wedges that have been seen on Childhoodflames and Karla's Closet! But mine were much more wallet friendly as I got them via Ross! - Cue "I got it at Ross" commercial theme song I love Ross, Marshalls, and TJMaxx "to the fullest"! - something we used to say in middle school all the time on our notes! Anyway before work today, I heard this song on the radio by an artist called Skee-lo and I thought it was cute. Even a cute video to go along with it! Hope your weekend is going well!

It's not Target, It's Tar-Jay'

sidenote: those pants are not supposed to be there. they're blocking black strapless dresses
I stumbled across these delicious niblets of color in Target on Friday. Apparently the theme of their new Go Collection is: Color! It might look cheesy in the photos but I assure you as a self-proclaimed tarjaynista, you will love it.

 The hot pink blazer is my favorite. The price point for most pieces was around 39.99! I'm just going to wait for it to go on sale! "...but don't just take my word for it" Toodles.

Because my hair needs care

So I strolled in the aisles of Marshall's and finally picked up a much needed Denman brush. A necessity to the kinky-curly girl. Get this: It was only $3.99 Friday, I went to TJMaxx for the first time out here and was able to snag another Denman brush for 6.99- you always need a back-up plan! They also had Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner for 4.99. I've heard pretty good reviews about Giovanni and I don't own any leave-in conditioners surprisingly. So we'll just have to see how this works out! I also am reviewing the Original Fragrance Shop Curl Stimulator. Sister Roberta recently brought the product back into production! Directions: Shampoo hair and towel dry. Distribute Curl Stimulator as you would shampoo and work from roots to ends. Drip Dry Ingredients: Cactus Pulp, spring water, and essential oils Review: Originally, during application my curls were holding in their typical damp state however it did not hold when my hair dried. It did however make my hair relatively soft. I do feel if your hair is finer in texture it might work for you. I also believe this product would do well on children's hair. As for me, my hair is way too thick to really get too much use out of the curl stimulator. I'll just stick with their Hair Butter.
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