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Hair Regimen

(Clockwise From Left to Right: "Leave it in and Let it Be" Leave-in Conditioner, Botanical Tea Shampoo, Hair Pudding Conditioner, Hair Butter and Biotin Vitamins-walgreens) All Products are from the Original Fragrance shop unless otherwise noted -water not shown

This right here is all I need to keep my hair alive and healthy! I wash and condition my hair once a week and apply the hair butter for moisture which lasts throughout the week.
 My most recent review of the "Leave it in and Let it Be" Leave-in conditioner by The Original Fragrance Shop I also should have included a bottle of water. It really makes the difference! I was once one of those girls who despised anything without flavor but I've come to love a good bottle of water! By the way Biotin is on sale at Walgreens Buy 1 get 1 FREE! I learned about Biotin from Shira of SugarFreeTV
-Love that lady! On a side note: I found this cute ear cuff ring at URBN for $4 Hope all is well!

Friendly Fires

 Can't wait to see these guys in concert! Lead singer, Ed Macfarlane is always full of energy and puts on a good show! I actually love his quirky dance moves!

Blame it on the Boys

This book is a MUST have! I just so happened to snag every last one up from Urban Outfitters because it was on sale for $1.90 So that means all my girlfriends are getting a copy!

 Book Review: It's amazing how the book breaks down every excuse in the world almost and sums it up into one mantra. "he's just not that into you" No compromising and making excuses for poo dates and forgotten calls. I have officially been schooled in the league of dating.

No, I haven't seen the movie but this book hails as my relationship bible. Every girl should own it. Check out your local URBN for more copies its only $1.90.

 By the way I love MIKA! This song has been in my head all week! MIKA - Blame It On The Girls by UniversalMusicGroup Have a great weekend!

Ross is Boss

As you guys know I am a Ross Stan! I've been oh so lucky with Ross lately! I got these amazing Dolce Vita Hazel flats for $24.99! Regular price is around $77.00 according to Zappos.com
 I like them a lot because they look like a nude flat for brown girls. It's not often that nude is made for me but I can dig it! It's crazy because URBN (Urban Outfitters) sells Dolce Vita shoes for upwards $200 Other things I scooped up Maybelline Mineral Finish Make-up Kit Astrology books for $4.99 each reg price $12.99 The "what your birthday says about you" is incredible! It's shocking how much it matches me and everyone I read it too! Organic Orange Face Cleansing pads After creating this post, I need to go to Ross again!

Purple Reign

My first Halloween in L.A. and I partied it up in West Hollywood with my co-girls. My costume of course was the glorious purple one formally known as Prince! Random costumes I saw that I liked: Daisy Duck Jem Girls Lady Gaga
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