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Can You Stand the Rain

Well I'm in a decent mood aside from this rain we're getting in SoCal. ...it would've been more accurate if they phrased it as "It RARELY rains in Southern California." From left to right: Fade Concealer, All over Concealer, Acne Concealer, Foundation Stick, Oil Absorbing Powder (all products excluding powder are in "Beautiful Bronze") Okay, on to business. This weekend, I ventured to INGLEWOOD!- *Dr.Dre Voice* I went to a comedy show at the J-Spot with my brother and I remembered how bad I'd been whining weeks before because of the lack of cosmetic products for women of color in the Valley (specifically Black Opal and Iman). So I took it upon myself to hit up the Rite Aid on Crenshaw and low and behold I bought all those goodies! I have been in desperate need of a concealer since 2008.- It gets that bad. I really really love the premise behind the concealers. The fade & conceal is a 2-in-1. It covers up imperfections and fades them in the process! Yes! My second favorite is the acne concealer which is another 2-in-1. It has acne meds added to it so you can cover a zit and heal it at once. (However, I usually don't recommend covering zits with make-up especially foundation because it tends to make them stand out more.) The oil absorbing powder is awesome! For some odd reason, my t-zone has been ridiculously oily as of late. My guess is humidity because I never had this problem before. Anyway it also comes in a loose powder. Great buy for those with oily-t's. Added bonus: Two of the Concealers came with liquid foundation testers! ...I'ma ramblin woman!
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  1. Please let me know how you like the Black Opal, as I have been wanting to try their products.

  2. I love them. I haven't had a problem with the ones I purchased today. In the past I didn't have too much opinion of them. However, I genuinely adore my purchases!

  3. I haven't listened to that track in so long! Thanks for posting! Love me some Raphael!

  4. Sheesh, the Valley needs to get that shit together. In which area do you live? Can I tell you there is some great thrifting in Inglewood. Check it out if you haven't already.


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