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Let's Get Naked and Trip on Life

As of late, I've been into really Psychadelic music. You know the kind of music that makes you want to take your clothes off and paint your body in flowers? Look how the organ player/lead singer, Mark Stein kills it with his sick moves at 0:26 I love their cover of The Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On" I know I posted about the 60's before but I'm starting to hardcore believe I was born in the wrong time period. This would explain my uncanny affinity for Lisa Frank at a young age It also would explain why I want these skulls displayed in my living room! skulls pictured from If It's Hip It's Here wicked.
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  1. Lisa Frank dominated my world growing up! Every year I would buy her stationary sets and send my friends letters with Yellow Dogs and Unicorns...
    Shucks, I might buy some stationary today...

  2. so i guess that would explain your animal collective posts. haha they're pretty awesome, though. i love AC.

  3. I was playing a show here in Seattle, and someone was asking me after the show (I'm pretty sure they were tripping balls, but one will never know) as I was speaking to a friend of mine, "If you could be born in any other time, what would it be?" We looked at each other and instantly shouted out "60's!" "What would you have been?" "Beatnicks!" Yeyayuh.


  4. Every time I see something colorful/wild I think of you! If I ever do come back to the states, I'll have to get you something funky from Europe, even if I have to send it by snail mail to Cali!


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