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Ugh. I can't believe I had not posted on this blog since 2009. Someone definitely owes me an e-spanking! In the words of Beck, "I'm a loser baby." And now on to the winner of my Kwanzaa giveaway! Congrats to Kristina of Cambridge, Maryland! Enjoy your polishes girlfriend! Ok lets talk goals for the new year! Last year, my goal was to update my portfolio. This year my goal is to accomplish my dreams! I'm in L.A. now. I have no excuses(except school- Riot has to graduate!). Another one of my goals is definitely managing my money better. I try to keep record of all my purchases but there are times when I get a little zealous and go batty over a pair of studded boots. Investing in myself is also a big thing for me, I definitely need to keep the blog updated regularly. I've had plenty of distractions since I've been in L.A. but I'm going to commit to a regular update of the blog! (-there it's in writing. I can't go back on it!) Enough blabbing about my foibles. What are your goals for the new year? ...and no, "Act like a lady, think like a man" is not a goal.
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  1. rinny! geez, it's about time! lol my goals include (maybe) getting my first boyfriend (if not, it's cool cuz i'm still young), figuring out what i wanna do with my life (either be a writer or something involving fashion, but idk), and seeing my usual 2 concerts a year. oh, and getting my blog out there. it's been up for a few months but it's not as awesome as yours!!!

  2. Happy new year ms.riot, looking forward to all your forthcoming fabulous posts xxx

  3. Daw, shucks! I won? Well this has been a boost to my day! Thanks RinnyRiot! Love the blog!

  4. Kristina! I need your e-mail honey! Or e-mail rinnyriot@gmail.com with your mailing info!

  5. i love a dream chaser like myself :]

    my goals are to keep my face in my books, get get my first degree by the end of this year.. and hit my dance career hard as usual :]


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