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Stepping Forward

 This was featured on the Post Secret blog last year. I read here in 2008, Nike ran an ad in the NY times in the shape of a footprint that said, "honor those who stepped forward when others were thinking backwards." Even though Dr.King's actual birthday was Friday, I'd like to use this "Federal" holiday as a chance to reflect. I'm going to give you guys a challenge: Evaluate yourself and your relationships. Are you continuing to think forward? Are you truly living Dr.Kings dream? ...thoughts?
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  1. I love the picture that comes in the post. I wish it didnt end there. I wish the 'boring white guy' could elaborate on his thoughts.

    Who knows maybe hes NOt so boring, maybe we could be friends...

  2. That's the great thing about post-secret. It starts some kind of imaginary playground in your brain where you wonder who wrote it and what they're going through. I'm going to have to post some of my favorite ones.


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