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What Would I Want, Sky

capturing clouds in traffic I swear to you guys Venice Beach is one of the most awesome, crazy, beautiful places to go on a Sunny afternoon. I went there for a photoshoot last Thursday and literally I was blown away. ...it's nothing like the murky waters of Galveston I was used to in Texas. This beach is truly something else. It's crazy to think almost 2 years ago, I wrote this message to myself. I never knew it could happen so quickly. I didn't anticipate moving to L.A. in the midst of my senior year in college. I read a story, a while back about Jim Carrey. Before all the glitz and Living Color, he wrote a check to himself for $1 million in hopes that he could one day cash that sucker. Now he's a millionaire and surely could write me a check for $1 million- I also accept money order! I'm glad I projected such a positive thought into the universe. It seems that when you physically put your dreams out in there, they will manifest themselves. So in keeping up with dreams and goals for the year, the challenge is: Increase the tangibility of your goals. Write out a message to yourself. Write yourself a check for $10000. Autograph your headshot or album cover! Go furniture shopping for your future home! If you have big dreams, help them manifest into a reality. Now Playing: Animal Collective- "What Would I Want, Sky"
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  1. you're totally right. i have an idea of what i want to do (involving fashion, writing, or maybe even music, but dont quote me lol) but i know i have the potential to make it big with my creative spirit. just like you. :)

    oh btw, i LOVE that you used an animal collective song as a title. AC is my shit. hahaha.

  2. Great post. I so agree. I'm going to write myself that check.

  3. Great message and yes, I love Venice Beach! I would love to live there someday when I'm retired and have nothing better to do than lay on the beach and watch the skateboarders.


  4. This post is so true. I carry around a tiny book of things I hope to accomplish and I can see how they are starting to manifest themselves. Being the dream and no longer the dreamer is a beautiful thing

  5. but what about Dr.King? Last post got no love!

    I know a guy who actually adds zeros to his account balance when he balances his checkbook.

    I understand he wants to manifest goals but for some odd reason I just think that could get really messy in the future.

  6. Yea this is a good Idea!

    about the guy who adds zero's to his check book that could get really messy Really fast.

  7. i totally agree, dreams will forever be just that if you don't do anything to make them a reality.


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