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So I'm watching Rihanna's new music video for her single "Rude Boy" and I notice the theme seems ridiculously familiar.
 ...I know I've seen something like this before: Oh yeah M.I.A. -"Boyz"
...and it kind of reminds me of this a little bit too: MARTIN Theme
Lets not forget the Ebony Bones Reference (thanks Alana)
...i dig this jawn! ...just my 2 cents. Now to watch Nip/Tuck
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  1. ur right totally stole mia's video lol

  2. Oh you did not with that Martin video! That was great. I watched that show religiously as a little kid and was totally bummed when I found out he was sexually harassing Tisha Campbell. Also, my sister's name is Pam James, just like the character on the show! YES!

    I agree about the similarities but I also know that is a big style in African and Jamaican music videos.

  3. I felt I under-appreciated Martin as a kid. It shapes so much of me. Sheneneh and Key Lo-Lo and Tommy who "ain't got no job"

    I love shouting out "PAMMMMMMMMM" in the middle of the day!

  4. And I KNOW RiRi is not swagga jackin' Janelle Monae's kinky pompadour! Yes, I said it. Swagga Jackin'.

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  6. :sigh:: She tried...when all else fails...copy.

    Peep the ebony bones necklaces, they aren't the same print. But I haven't seen them on anyone else but Ebony.


  7. Wow, that Martin one totally eluded me, but yup, those were the 90s, those bright, seizure inducing years... glad to see they're back in full force.

  8. YUP she jacked her Video!!! I think Rih's Video is Mix btwn MIA's and Beyonce's Video Phone. IM just SAyin!!!

  9. It reminds me of the Lil John video 'Snap yo fingers' and that Solange video...cant think of the name

  10. @Whit! You are so right! I'm posting this uncanny Ebony Bones picture for comparison!

    @Alana! It does remind me of "Snap yo fingers" and "I decided" but "Snap yo' fingers" looked like you had to be on something to get it...jeez talk about seizure colors!

  11. Well at the end of the day they're both copy cats. This was so late 80s, early 90s. But then again originality really is rare these days. Almost everything has been done already and people are just trying to revive it.

    Watching Rihanna's video actually made me think of In Living Color,

    And for some reason JJ Fad, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_tIlVT1iDg , maybe it's just the colorful backgrounds that pop up here and there, lol.

  12. Lol and how could I forget Major Lazer?! It's recent but its the first thing I thought of while watching her video. I think this video is HILARIOUS!


  13. Now, let's be honest...Rihanna is in Jigga's crew, and she hangs with Kanye. Can Kanye really do anything original? I hear a lot of grief about his "ripping off" Daft Punk's "Stronger," but what about Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Gil Scott-Heron, Main Ingredient, Mint Condition, and SOOOO many more!? And now, the look. Rihanna is one of many, as I commented on another video on your blog, that is a fad. She's gonna fade. It'll happen. As talented as she is, and as good as (most of) her songs are, her popularity is limited. I love a lot of her stuff, most of MIA's stuff, and I also dig a lot of Kanye's stuff...but let's face it. Originality is apparently underrated.

  14. You guys are really stupid! What style hasn't been revived? The style trends that all of you wear now were once from the past, DUH! Its called ethnic style if you arent unfamiliar with art & fashion. Also, those videos arent the same, each one uses ethnic style, but they have different things going on in each video, so quit overexaggerating & starting rumors just because you don't know your art history. Let's see you create something new, I bet you can't, so just shut your mouth & appreciate it.


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