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Raspberry Beret

Monday, Monday. I've been obsessing over finding a Raspberry beret ever since I discovered that the lyrics to the Prince song were "She wore a raspberry beret" and not "She had raspberry brulee." I've always thought that was a dessert for some odd reason. New Yeasayer video! NSFW- sorta?
 I love it. Hate I missed their performance in the L.A. National History Museum this past Friday.
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  1. Love your 'do! Haha raspberry brulee actually sounds good.

  2. love your hair like that, now I want a raspberry beret, you're so pretty ;)


  3. Rinny...YOUR HAIR!

    And I kinda want to try a raspberry brulee...Sounds delicious.

  4. brulee? no way. you didn't.

    go here...


  5. There seems to be a general consensus on raspberry brulee here!

    Haha. I've never had a brulee a day in my life. Strictly a cheesecake and pecan pie gal!

  6. yayyyy u found meee :) im loving urs too. i'm definitely following u :D


  7. your hair is awesome. nuff said.


  8. omg love the beret and you HAIR looks gorgeous! face, lipstick....LOVE IT!!!

  9. I never knew the lyrics either until like 5 years ago! You look gorgeous in that beret!

  10. I'm a total hat guy. I love the beret. Also, being a music nerd, I've started a journal where I list all of the misunderstood lyrics that I come across (either from me or from others), and here are some of my favorites:

    "I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night," by Kiss - "I wanna rock and roll all night, and part of every day." I guess you gotta sleep sometime, right?
    "Hounddog," by Elvis Presley - "You ain't nothin' but a hounddog, crappin' on a sign."
    "Secret Agent Man," by Johnny Rivers - "Secret Asian man?" How rude.
    "Ticket To Ride," by the Beatles - "She's got a chicken to ride, and it's in my hair." Well, that's mildly innapropriate...
    "Everytime You Go Away," by Paul Young - "Everytime you go away, you take a piece of meat with you." What if she's vegetarian? Why would she take meat to begin with?
    Also, that Yeasayer record is unbelievable. Anyone on here not owning that record should confess their sins and go buy it now.


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