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Marta Mourao Beyonce in Boxing Kitten Wax Prints! Love them! Ever since I was a child, during Black History Month, we'd buy a new form of wax print for me to wear for the Black History Programs at my school. I'd typically dress in my African garb and recite a poem by Maya Angelou, particularly, "Still I Rise". I really want to find some patterns today and finally use the sewing machine I purchased last November but never opened.
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  1. i love these prints! they're so awesome!


  2. Ever since I checked out Boxing Kitten last year, I've been wanting to make my own stuff. I don't even have or know how to use a sewing machine, but I'm wiling to try!!! Those prints are dope!

  3. over proced BS!!! i'm from sierra leone and the african outfits they have don't even cost as much as her stuff AND the african costumes have more material. in sierra leone, cotton & wax fabrics are waaay cheaper than the other fabrics we have. african costumes have more intricate designs and when they go over the top, that's when the prices go up. boxing kitten makes me upset! this is stuff my mom could make for less than fifty dollars! i'm very offended by her line...and it's just basic stuff really.

  4. where can you order bright prints like these online??


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