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Cannibal Queen

Photobucket So, I told you guys I was going to do it! MissRiot.com is definitely a blog big on the arts and now I can share all of my favorite music and playlists with you! I know some of you guys appreciate finding new music through my blog so here goes This Week's Countdown: Pictureplane- Goth Star Miniature Tigers- Cannibal Queen Ariel Pink Haunted Grafitti- Round and Round Memoryhouse- Bonfire Credits to DJ Squints for turning me on to the Miniature Tigers!
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  1. your still gonna have fashion and random ish about your life though right? i live for the pics lol

  2. Hi Rinny, thanks for the music! As much as I love your pictures, discovering new music through other people's blog is what I love a lil more ;) It's how I found some of my fave songs. We don't get that much indie/ alternative music here in Holland, so I thank you for these gems. So keep coming the songs (OMG, LOVE Round and round) AND the fashion pics of course!

    Love from Amsterdam,


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