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Tame Impala

Circle Scarf- American Apparel, Earrings- Baton Rouge Flea Market

I feel like my Nubian alter-ego Desta wants to come out to play. I wrapped my hair turban like by mistake. I was deep condish-ing today and needed to go out in public so I threw the circle scarf over the cholesterol cap and now I'm finished but I just like the way it looks....(all regal and ish) And the band below totally matches my psychedelic mood right now. 

Yourstru.ly Presents: Tame Impala (2 of 2) from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

I saw them in concert at the Echo in L.A. two weeks ago. I just remembered how awesome they were when I was explaining to Marz

It was literally one of the most psychedelic experiences that I have ever experienced! The music enveloped me and sent me on a journey of cosmic fixation. Watch them. Love them.
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  1. Love the look!

    p.s- Wanted to ask. what skin products do you use on your skin please??

  2. that color is amazing against ur skin!

  3. @Tolu: I did a Skin update youtube a while back...I'm in limbo right now...Going to start a new face wash because I am clean out of Desert Essence.

    @Sewing Thanks Grrrrrrrrl

  4. you make me wanna grow my hair out! love your blog, girl. you made me embrace my curvy shape. :)


  5. Rinny, that looks gorgeous. The color on you is lovely.

  6. PLEASE I beg of you do a vid of how you wrapped the circle scarf. I have one and I wrap it but it NEVER comes out as beautiful as yours. Please and thank you.


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