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Never Thought You'd Leave in the Summer


I'm sure by now most of you guys have noticed. I have not posted on my blog for over 2 weeks. Truth be told I lost my grandmother about a week ago. I've never had to experience the pain of losing someone so close to me. I always counted that as such a big blessing. However blessings like those are only temporary. I lived with my grandmother for nearly all of my life and she is responsible for creating the driven southern woman I am today.

She moved from Louisiana at the age of 14 to Texas by herself in the 1930s and worked her way up into owning her own restaurant, becoming a licensed beautician, and nurse. All without graduating high school. Being that she did all this in the South during a time when rights weren't guaranteed to anyone of color, I feel this makes her my Civil Rights Hero and truly amazing in my eyes. I only wish I can be half the woman as my grandmother was.

Goodbye Meme! Will love you always!
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  1. i'm sorry to hear that, she still lives on through you...
    you look a lot like her.. my goodness. thats amazing :]

  2. so sorry to hear about your loss. your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. i enjoyed reading about her.

  3. i check ur blog often; i am very sorry for your loss. but happy for the memories that you have.

  4. Very sorry to hear about your granny... I lost mine in the summer as well. I know how you feel. Hold your head up, each day the pain gets less and less, and the good times will shine through and warm your heart like the sun!

  5. I'm sorry for your loss. That is super tough. Grandmother's are so special. Sending warm hugs.


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