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Chiffon Oversized Blouse-American Apparel, Leopard Bustier- FIT, Pants- I heart Ronson, Boots-Guess Maeve,

Twisted hair on the hottest day in the Valley. I can't believe the heat we're facing out here. I pride myself on having a high tolerance for heat, maybe because in the South, heat + humidity= "you better deal with it"

However, L.A. is showing me a new dry heat which keeps me from enjoying the outside world on most days.

I've officially made my year here in L.A.! Amazing! "so amazin'" I'm happy, glad, excited to be able to commit to the move. I know, I've had a lot of readers e-mail me regarding how to move to L.A. and believe me the best advice I dish out every time is to "believe you can." As corny as it may sound, "if you believe it, you can achieve it."

Sometimes, you have to let your destiny lead you and things will fall into place. Trust me, I always envisioned of living in L.A. but I never saw the move happening but a bit of encouragement goes a long way.

Alright Cadets! Let's make today awesome!
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  1. i love everything you wear, and i'm so glad you're enjoying LA! chase your dreams, because life is short.


  2. Love the bustier. The combo of it with that peachy top is gorgeous.

  3. Hi There Rinny...I just discovered your blog (thanks to Coco & Creme) and I just want to say that you have a new follower! Your style is great and I'm really glad I read this post first because it was empowering to hear about how you've hit your 1 year mark in LA. I'm moving there in Decemeber (originally was supposed to be this month, but things transpired differently)and the one thing I have to keep in mind is that I can do it and it will happen. Thanks for the inspiration boost! Oh...and any advice on the move out there that you don't mind passing along is greatly appreciated!



  4. Ya'll are ridiculous and amazing!

  5. That's cool for you!!! Keep on believing.

    You're so classy =)

  6. blazer in crazy heat? ur a brave one! love the look


  7. you look great, and congrads o moving to LA!

  8. loving the blog...very nice!!


  9. love love love the pics, leopard and coral are my faves! u rocked it girl:) love ya.


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