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Music Videos: Can Ya'll Spot Me?

Remember the Kelly Rowland music video I did a few weeks ago? Well it's out for her U.K. single,"Forever and a Day".

See if you can spot me? If you saw the previous post, you guys should be able to recognize me by my clothes.

Ooohwee...just watching that video all over again is making me tired. So much dancing.
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  1. LOL I saw you! Aw congrats...it just the beginning!


  2. OMG YOUR A STAR! You look great! I see you reppin for the naturals!!


  3. Lolz guys!! It was fun. I hope I do many more soon. I'll have to post the other video but I'm barely seen : (

  4. Yes! How awesome was that? Even though I'm sure you were totally exhausted, it looks like you were really in to it. Now I've got 2 friends in a Kelly Rowland video - w00t!

  5. Its so good to see you shinning bright like the star that you are Miss Riot. You actually look like you were having the most fun there! Congratulations its only up from here girl :-)



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