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How To Dress Well

suicide dream 2 – how to dress well from How to Dress Well on Vimeo.

Okay this song has been blasting from my iPod all weekend. This will probably be the next album I purchase from Amoeba. How to Dress Well has definitely awakened my ears in the form of their light experimental melodies. I enjoy very psychedelic, dream-like music from time to time and this song hits the nail on the head for me.

It also has a hint of 90s' Usher-like vocals. I strongly suggest you guys give it a listen! I enjoy it!
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  1. gave the song a listen.....what an enchanting, eerie and beautiful song! thanks for the suggestion....shall be adding that song to my itunes soon ;-)

    I have a blog as well. Stop by when you get the chance ;-)


  2. Thanks for listening to it! Good to know someone around here takes a chance on new music!


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