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16th day of Christmas

   Habari Ghani Ya'll! I finally got my present from the beaufriend. I can safely say he's racked major points with me on the gift giving. (Especially since this means he reads my blog!)

Also got a really sweet ring! The words are "Be Brave ♥ Love Life ♥ " I meant to take a picture of the little card that came with it that said, "Be courageous, follow your dreams and love life!

I've been itching to finish canvases but I wanted to attempt mixing mediums after seeing a few delightful pieces hanging in the offices of my internship. These new oil pastels will come in handy quickly. (sidenote I forgot to take a picture of my new acrylics because...I started using them today!)

I feel like one lucky Southern Belle...even though I got it 3 days later.
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