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At A Glance


I've gotten a few e-mails to do tutorials on hair stuff so I'm trying to churn things out as soon as possible!

Last week was crazy busy for me so I didn't get to come back to the blog. I had auditions and work and my internship forged into one neat package. I guess the high-light would be meeting Stevie Wonder. He has an amazing personality and I really hope he writes a book soon!

Christmas/Kwanzaa is around the corner and I have to do some crazy shopping. I haven't really thought about what I wanted too much. It's crazy how much I hated the idea of receiving clothes as a Christmas gift when I was a kid but now...if you want to take a girl to TopShop, I would not mind!

Alright song of the day: "At A Glance"-Body Language(Toro Y Moi Remix)
It has a nice melodic holiday beat...Alright time for me to break out the Brian McKnight "Bethelem" Christmas CD.
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  1. Great lip color, I luv it! And Fab head wrap, its cute, and the color is great.


  2. I love that color on you! You look absolutely fab. What camera do you use? Could u do a vlog or a post about it. Check out my blog and feel free to comment.


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