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Deuces 2010!

Well, what can I say. I sort of feel like 2010 was a year of losses and gains.

I lost my grandmother the one who practically raised me. My uncle suffered a stroke leaving him paralyzed. I lost my mind during some points of it. I have way too many parking tickets. I also just lost the ring my beaufriend gave me pictured in my last post.
However it was also a year of gains. I gained a great better relationship with each of my closest companions and a great beau who brings me full circle. I also gained better understanding of myself. I gained a sense of compassion by working with my students. I gained inspiration by taking on an internship. I landed a great opportunity to work in Hollywood. I gained $13 from a lottery ticket!

With all these things said, I am looking towards 2011 with great anticipation of all things to come.

As I raise my glass of Sparkling Apple Cider(because I don't drink)at midnight, I will welcome in 2011 with a sound mind and spirit and the notion to "Do Better!"

My New Year's Resolution is to:

  • Finish my Documentary
  • Meditate
  • Manage my Spending Better and Save my pennies
  • Read at least 1 whole book a month
  • Become more organized
  • Limit my fast food to 1-2 times a week (I know it seems a lot but when I first moved to L.A. I had In-N-Out 6 times in 1 week!!!)
  • get the SAG card on deck
Sidenote: I have about 15 resolutions but the rest are uh...a tad bit embarrassing.
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  1. "Read at least 1 whole book a month"
    I think we have that in common

  2. Ditto. I've already got two books lined up - for Jan and Feb. No excuses.

  3. wow, girl.
    you are beautiful!
    (love your hair.)

  4. Good luck! A lot of people are planning to save money this year. Great! Though the last time I applied for a payday loan (Utah) was last week. Why not buy all the things you would need for two months? And yes, avoid fast-food and go for cheaper (but healthy) meals and snacks.


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