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Les Sins

I came across this photo on the "interwebs" and thought how friggin MARVELOUS is this?! It's not often that you find vintage pin-up photos of women of color. I love this photo so much it was my desktop wallpaper for a while. I wish I knew more about this photo. The woman on the far right reminds me tremendously of my Aunt Onadelle...wonder if this could have been her?

In other news, I have the absolute busiest life ever created. I don't know if I will travel back to the South for Christmas yet but I know a couple of friends are counting on it.

Have ya'll heard the new Toro Y Moi side project- Les Sins? As you know from previous posts, I love the music of Toro Y Moi and am an avid Chillwave listener.  It's disco-perfect!

Listen: Les Sins- "Lina"

Anyway still trying to get the store up and running hopefully items will be previewed by the end of the week?

Love ya'll!
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  1. the second girl from the left kinda resembles you..... or ? ....

    love ur blog.


  2. But do ya'll like the music too? haha! Keep reading!

  3. I've never seen African American pin-up girls before. wow, beautiful photograph...


  4. This IS a beautiful photo. I think it was taken at Atlantic City. They have a Sherburne Hotel there.


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