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Yuletide Wish List

1. Sterling Silver "Love Life" ring -Target  2. Nike Maharam Dunk Skinny Sneaker-Urban Outfitters  3. The Ultimate Hall & Oates CD  4. Artist's Loft 48 Piece Oil Pastels-Michaels 5. Scilia Rainbow crystal ring 6. Aldo "Curly" Wedge 7. Sephora gift card 8. Forever 21 Faux Fur coat 9."Noir" parfum gift set -Victoria's Secret 10. Kat Von D "Sinner" Parfum 11. Converse Hi-Tops in white 12. "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell

This year, Christmas kind of just hit me! I didn't have a Christmas list made until my beaufriend pestered me about it. However, these are a few things I've spotted throughout the year and so...yah. What's on your Christmas list ya'll?

Here's a little Holiday cheer from the Muppets!
I owned this video when I was a kid and was literally scared to death over this scene!

I must admit the tune is rather catchy!
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  1. Great list! Here's a link to mine: http://www.lovebrownsugar.com/2010/12/lovebrownsugars-christmas-wishlist.html


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