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Let's Get Naked and Trip on Life

As of late, I've been into really Psychadelic music. You know the kind of music that makes you want to take your clothes off and paint your body in flowers? Look how the organ player/lead singer, Mark Stein kills it with his sick moves at 0:26 I love their cover of The Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On" I know I posted about the 60's before but I'm starting to hardcore believe I was born in the wrong time period. This would explain my uncanny affinity for Lisa Frank at a young age It also would explain why I want these skulls displayed in my living room! skulls pictured from If It's Hip It's Here wicked.


Animal Collective and director, Danny Perez are releasing what is deemed to be a "Visual Album" entitled "Oddsac" at the Sundance Film Festival. More screenings should arise in the future. After looking at this trailer I only have a few questions: 1.) Are 3-D glasses involved 2.) Who set Professor Snape's head on fire? 3.) Where is my mind?

Coachella x SXSW x Bonaroo x Lilith Fair

Ah, Springtime is upon us! With that being said, so many music festivals are coming closer in date. Last week the 2010 line-up for Coachella was announced. (Coachella- the big music festival of the desert.) I've never been to Coachella but I'm contemplating going as I'm still attempting to soak up Cali culture. Jay-Z is headlining- I think I would have been excited for that in 2003. Last year was my first visit to SXSW in Austin, TX and it was pretty awesome. I wish I actually got to see the Afro-Punk showcase however. This year, the line-up seems pretty mundane but I see names are being constantly added so who knows, it might turn out to be FAWESOME. Check out the SXSW line-up here Bonaroo- still waiting on their line-up The Lilith Fair- this takes me back to childhood feminism that I somehow obtained from the Spice Girls, Fiona Apple, Lauryn Hill and Sarah McClahan Can we take a moment and gasp at the beauty of this video? ...I always wanted to go to the concerts to belt out Shania Twain's "Still the One" when I was only 8 but my family wasn't that cool. However I will be living the dream when I attend this year! The line-up has just about everything I want from Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Metric, Teagan and Sarah, St.Vincent, Jill Scott, Sheryl Crow...i could go on but you can see the rest of the line-up here. Any of you guys planning to go to these musical bundles of joy this year?

Can You Stand the Rain

Well I'm in a decent mood aside from this rain we're getting in SoCal. ...it would've been more accurate if they phrased it as "It RARELY rains in Southern California." From left to right: Fade Concealer, All over Concealer, Acne Concealer, Foundation Stick, Oil Absorbing Powder (all products excluding powder are in "Beautiful Bronze") Okay, on to business. This weekend, I ventured to INGLEWOOD!- *Dr.Dre Voice* I went to a comedy show at the J-Spot with my brother and I remembered how bad I'd been whining weeks before because of the lack of cosmetic products for women of color in the Valley (specifically Black Opal and Iman). So I took it upon myself to hit up the Rite Aid on Crenshaw and low and behold I bought all those goodies! I have been in desperate need of a concealer since 2008.- It gets that bad. I really really love the premise behind the concealers. The fade & conceal is a 2-in-1. It covers up imperfections and fades them in the process! Yes! My second favorite is the acne concealer which is another 2-in-1. It has acne meds added to it so you can cover a zit and heal it at once. (However, I usually don't recommend covering zits with make-up especially foundation because it tends to make them stand out more.) The oil absorbing powder is awesome! For some odd reason, my t-zone has been ridiculously oily as of late. My guess is humidity because I never had this problem before. Anyway it also comes in a loose powder. Great buy for those with oily-t's. Added bonus: Two of the Concealers came with liquid foundation testers! ...I'ma ramblin woman!

What Would I Want, Sky

capturing clouds in traffic I swear to you guys Venice Beach is one of the most awesome, crazy, beautiful places to go on a Sunny afternoon. I went there for a photoshoot last Thursday and literally I was blown away. ...it's nothing like the murky waters of Galveston I was used to in Texas. This beach is truly something else. It's crazy to think almost 2 years ago, I wrote this message to myself. I never knew it could happen so quickly. I didn't anticipate moving to L.A. in the midst of my senior year in college. I read a story, a while back about Jim Carrey. Before all the glitz and Living Color, he wrote a check to himself for $1 million in hopes that he could one day cash that sucker. Now he's a millionaire and surely could write me a check for $1 million- I also accept money order! I'm glad I projected such a positive thought into the universe. It seems that when you physically put your dreams out in there, they will manifest themselves. So in keeping up with dreams and goals for the year, the challenge is: Increase the tangibility of your goals. Write out a message to yourself. Write yourself a check for $10000. Autograph your headshot or album cover! Go furniture shopping for your future home! If you have big dreams, help them manifest into a reality. Now Playing: Animal Collective- "What Would I Want, Sky"

Stepping Forward

 This was featured on the Post Secret blog last year. I read here in 2008, Nike ran an ad in the NY times in the shape of a footprint that said, "honor those who stepped forward when others were thinking backwards." Even though Dr.King's actual birthday was Friday, I'd like to use this "Federal" holiday as a chance to reflect. I'm going to give you guys a challenge: Evaluate yourself and your relationships. Are you continuing to think forward? Are you truly living Dr.Kings dream? ...thoughts?

Texas Tourist

...okay I know my resolution guys! It's been a week but I'm still posting! Cut me some slack my bro is in town and I have to go do tourist-y things with him all week long like going to Universal Eating at an Overpriced Hard Rock Cafe...which by the way has very flavorful non-alcoholly drinks! Deliciouso! Note the excitement on my face.

Out of State, Out of Mind

My blackberry isn't working today and I'm on the edge. So, these are pics from back home in the Lone Star, state over the holidays. First place I stopped was the infamous Breakfast Klub of Houston. Hands down, it tops Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. "Don't knock it til you try it" I haven't had grits in ages so it was much a relief to have a southern commodity for breakfast.

My Bad

Ugh. I can't believe I had not posted on this blog since 2009. Someone definitely owes me an e-spanking! In the words of Beck, "I'm a loser baby." And now on to the winner of my Kwanzaa giveaway! Congrats to Kristina of Cambridge, Maryland! Enjoy your polishes girlfriend! Ok lets talk goals for the new year! Last year, my goal was to update my portfolio. This year my goal is to accomplish my dreams! I'm in L.A. now. I have no excuses(except school- Riot has to graduate!). Another one of my goals is definitely managing my money better. I try to keep record of all my purchases but there are times when I get a little zealous and go batty over a pair of studded boots. Investing in myself is also a big thing for me, I definitely need to keep the blog updated regularly. I've had plenty of distractions since I've been in L.A. but I'm going to commit to a regular update of the blog! (-there it's in writing. I can't go back on it!) Enough blabbing about my foibles. What are your goals for the new year? ...and no, "Act like a lady, think like a man" is not a goal.
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