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Silver Lake Jubilee





Last weekend, I went to the Silver Lake Jubilee with Lim and Art. All the best L.A. food trucks were there! ...well minus the Grilled Cheese truck which I am coming for real soon!


The food in my hand is from the Barbie's Q truck and Lim has the breakfast biscuit from the Buttermilk truck


...less than a week later I stalked the truck again for the exact same thing...i think I've given up IN-N-OUT *GASP*


Did anyone else see Janelle Monae on David Letterman?

I'm so elated that she is finally getting her shine! I've been stanning hard for Miss Monae since 2007 when she released The Chase Suite I

...."Violet Stars Happy Hunting"

Why I love LSU

Amidst my procrastination, I came across this video on facebook through some friends at LSU.

Classic New Orleans Bounce tradition.

It really makes me miss going to school in the South. I spent 3 famous undergrad years there so technically it's my home. I'm still a Tiger and I will forever bleed purple and gold.



I can't keep it a secret.

LOOSEWORLD x Waverly Films: Reggie Watts in F_CK SH_T STACK from LOOSEWORLD on Vimeo.

NSFW kinda? ...depends on where you work

If you don't know the genius that is Reggie Watts. You are missing out. He does alot of his music by pure beatbox and looping techniques. No, I'm not a big fan just because we share the same hairstyle. I could turn him on to a couple of deep conditioners though.

I love this song because a.) it's catchy and b.) it intelligently exploits the sheer commercialism of rap music these days through parody.

If you guys want to see more of his vocal stuff, check out this little number below:

okay...I found another I can't leave this one off!

Can't wait until his album comes out May 18!

Long lost relatives?
Me in 2008.
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