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D-I-Y Yogurt Deep Conditioner

Hair update sorta? I deep condition at least once a week. It's one of the most important and essential parts of my hair regime.

Since my past hair update, I've switched from using Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayo to making my own yogurt deep conditioner. All you need is yogurt, an oil (i.e. jojoba, olive oil etc) and a regular hair conditioner. Mix it up and Voila! Cost-efficient yet Effective Deep Conditioner

Canned Heat

I'm just happy Jamiroquai is back on the music circuit. He's been gone much too long. Now I have this urgent desire to head to Amoeba in Hollywood and buy every Jamiroquai album in stock!


I Whip My Hair



A wasp-beetle thing was attacking me here!




Shawl-American Apparel, Pocket Shirt- Express, Shorts- Vintage Levi's, Shoes- Red Kiss, Domina Necklace- Betsey Johnson

           I've been hardcore rocking my hair in a bun. Maybe because I'm lazy or because I just think it looks so chic when I go out...I love it.
          As you all know Halloween is coming up (My favorite holiday) and I have no idea what I should go as. How can I top last year's costume as Prince? I thought about doing Janelle Monae but it's too easy and people in L.A. would probably think I didn't dress up but was just being myself...
           I want to go hard or go home! Maybe I should go back in time and do perhaps Dorothy Dandridge? I wanted to do  Sheneneh a couple of years ago but Teyana Taylor did it last year. I want something I haven't seen before. Perhaps Madea? Do you guys have suggestions?

Music Videos: Can Ya'll Spot Me?

Remember the Kelly Rowland music video I did a few weeks ago? Well it's out for her U.K. single,"Forever and a Day".

See if you can spot me? If you saw the previous post, you guys should be able to recognize me by my clothes.

Ooohwee...just watching that video all over again is making me tired. So much dancing.
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