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While I was in Texas for the holidays, I noticed my aunt had an old dance picture of My sister and I. I believe this is from a Christmas Dance pageant in 1995. 

I miss those days of Saturday practice complimented with a Shipley's glazed donut and orange juice. (Houston folks know about Shipley's!)

Sidenote: Beyonce and I had the same dance teacher, Miss Darlette. I guess that explains her obsession with the fleshtone dance tights. I remember watching MTV one day to see Destiny's Child talking about Popeye's chicken and the next thing I notice Miss Darlette pops up on the screen! Small world. 

If I was only 7 years older we could have been in the same class and then I could be singing "Say My Name" on stage and not the school bus...le sigh!

I was sad when we stopped taking dance lessons at Kids N' Dance. I think I traded dance for piano lessons which I later traded for Theatre which I later traded for cheerleading which....(yah, I'm all over the place.)

Ya'll I'm just rambling and reminiscing about the past! I wish I could find my Kids N' Dance classmates...or remember their names? 

I guess the lesson here is love the life you live!
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  1. What an interesting story. I was a big fan of the Destiny's Child.
    Oh, and very cute picture. :)

  2. what part of texas are you from.
    i took dance as well in Houston, but i dont remember my teacher's name.

  3. Such a cute picture. And, it's okay to be all over the place, it means you have many talents:P

  4. ah aha hah I cant stop laughing with your "if I was 7 years older etc..." so cute!!!!

  5. Candy monotoned baby merman.


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