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Jewel Nails

Coco recently got the new Milani Jewel FX glitters from CVS in Houston. (Too bad I can't find them here in L.A.) They give a bombshell glam look on a budget!>
A while ago, say 2009, I blogged Coco trying out Minx nails. Well Coco moved on from Minx nails to Rockstar nails which were much more elaborate and EXPENSIVE. 
Finally she started doing her own nails and boy am I amazed at her creativity.
She has got to teach me how to do this stuff.
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  1. I am such a nail whore, though I don't wear them much myself. LOL! I just love looking at awesome designs like those. >,<

  2. I love the new ways women are implementing fashion right down to the nails! Cute.



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