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Hair Bow headband- MissRiot.com, Ankh ring- Missriot.com Pullover Sweater- Kensie, Printed Jumper Pants- Forever 21, Shoes- Jessica Simpson "Dany" Platform

I'm getting way too comfortable in these Jessica Simpson "Dany" platforms. Seriously, I wear them everywhere: shows, record stores, grocery shopping etc. I don't even like to wear heels but I love a good comfortable platform.

I spent most of the weekend re-doing the Missriot.com store and buying multiple boxes of Girl Scout cookies. You will happily find new custom-made products (i.e. hair accessories and jewelry pictured above) by yours truly!

I had the pleasure of attending a charity event for actress, Karyn Parson's Sweet Blackberry foundation this past weekend at home of an Oscar-winner(who is also coincidently from Texas) and it just made me think I must work 10 times as hard to accomplish my dreams. You don't go from no swimming pool to an Olympic sized swimming pool over night! (Not that I can swim anyway) What's amazing is the intense desire shared amongst these individuals to give back to the community. No, this isn't something on the cover of People magazine but it's important as the day is long!

I'm definitely cherishing the time I have right now in California and sans distractions of Southern comforts. I always tell people that L.A. is a place to pursue your career and not one to "settle" or get too comfortable because everyone around you is constantly moving. When I'm ready to settle down, I'll move back to Texas. Until then, I'm in it for the long haul.

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  1. I love the zipper detail on the back of your sweater.

  2. Hey girl, just discovered your blog. I love this pic, the hair the pants and the sweater :-) I wish the shoes were mine though :-)

  3. DEMPOU and SEMPOU..I am getting confused with all the codes for PEDOPHILES.
    You got the MOOMOT and the COWSCULA and the COCHONS and the FOCK WORMS.
    And you got the COUTES to go with the VIANDE!
    So, when I see MISS RIOT, I immediately think , you know , MASTER ROOT?
    And if not,how about MASTESPANKER 69?
    Andthenwe see this " SS" and we KNOW the " KISS" of
    death is RICE!
    And " LOWE" and be holed, it is CONDOLEEZA who runs
    the OPERATION!!!!!!
    Oh my god!!!!
    Look how corrupt the AMERICAN - ORGICO - GOV'T is!
    There isno place to hide ,not even for BILLIONAIRES.
    And guess who the two main HOES are????


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