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This epic song by Destroyer has made my Saturday go by smoothly. Every time I discover how much I enjoy an artist, they just happen to have a show in L.A. Too bad this week's Destroyer and War on Drugs show is sold out much like the Coachella music festival.

Oh yeah and to Coachella with their super duper security wristbands: ARGH! I HATE YOU!
It's bad enough the tickets sold out within 6 days of the line-up being announced. What if a girl didn't have her funds right at that time? What if I was debating how bad I really wanted to see Twin Shadow perform since he's not doing an L.A. show...and speaking of Twin Shadow:

I listened the the Twin Shadow record repeatedly throughout January and February which were coincidently the hardest months of my life in L.A. His song, "Tyrant Destroyed" has literally blared out of my car's speakers everywhere I go. It somewhat personified exactly what I felt and still do in some respects of my life and the people I choose to be apart of it. I bought his album Forget from Amoeba in Hollywood and I can't but help but love it as it mends a part of me that was so broken I didn't know how to regroup.

It's sort of amazing how much music can change ones life and seep into the soul to trigger pain, redemption and open a book of creative soul searching. I digress ya'll I just love good music!

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  1. i looooooove tyrant destroyed. so far that's the only song of his i like, but i'm sure that will change. we have a lot of the same musical tastes. as soon as i like someone a lot, i realize you like them, just like two door cinema club, who i am seeing in april! WOO WOO!


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