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Nu Shooz

I was so lucky to snag the last pair of Jessica Simpson "Dany" platforms from Macy's this weekend on sale. It was a mad house with only one cashier but I was determined to brave their crowded shoe department to leave with the ultimate shoes. I'm so excited about these...they're so comfortable. I'm in love!
My new shoes make me feel like this:
Ah! It's an amazing feeling...now if I could only have a break from work and school to wear them around...

Now what I really wanted were the snake skin version but alas Macy's didn't have them. However these are from Zappos and I really wish I knew they carried them before I decided to venture into the depths of the jungle also known as the womens shoe department.

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  1. I've got those too, and you are right, they are so comfortable! Really digging that cozy sweater you're wearing.

  2. i want ur hair!
    how do you manage it?
    been thinking of letting my hair out. i've always had braids....

  3. loving the shoes..i have them in cognac and love them. they are so comfortable

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  4. Nice! I ordered the snake skin danys, i cant wait till they come in :)

  5. If you love platform shoes you have to try jeffery campbell!;)


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