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Coachella Diaries Pt. 1

Photobucketoachella! Oh My word! This three-day music festival in the desert was the most intensely awesome experience, I've had since I moved out to California. Of course it was hot as Hades in the field but it was worth every drop of sweat!

Day 1 was amazing! I frolicked around the field with friends and even made a few new pals. I met the fierce Claire of The Fashion Bomb Daily at the H&M Concious Tent which was something like an Oasis in the hot Coachella desert. They offered free cool water and an air-conditioned spot to get away from the heat in between shows. There were tons of bloggers snapping photos for Coachella and I was spotted by Fabsugar.
Ridiculous 3 hour wait for Showers on the Campgrounds

 I camped in tent camping for Coachella and it was an "experience." You have to wake up at 7AM because the sun makes it so incredibly hot that you can't sleep in your tent.  So you march out of your tent early thinking no one is up and you can hop in and out of the showers...NO. You have a 3 hour wait in a LONG line with other sweaty Coachella enthusiasts. Best thing to do is make friends- it will make the time go by faster. (Shout-out to Cassie, Veronica and Leslie- my shower pals!)

 Lauryn Hill on the Coachella Stage
Food is what you will spend the most money on here. It's about  $10-$12 a meal depending on what beverage you purchase. Water is always $2. Sports drinks, sodas and Honest Tea were all $4. One thing that I will say is the Spicy Pie pizza place was delicious! Only $6 for a slice of cheese...I ate there twice. There was also this incredible chicken tender and garlic fries vendor out of El Cerritos, CA...ate there twice too! I also tried Hawaiian donuts which are basically beignets but not as good.

 Tame Impala at the Outdoor Stage

The shows were amazing! The first day I saw one of my favorite bands, Tame Impala, whom I've already seen twice before but they always put on a great show. I also went to this gnarly Skrillex show which was very Dub-step-y and I'm necessarily a Dub-Step fan but for the sake of Coachella I was banging my head with the best of them.

Next up was Odd Future or OFWGKTA. They were in the Sahara tent right after Skrillex. Now I have never heard any of their music before but I was curious since everyone raves about them. The show was...um...interesting. Those guys definitely carry a lot of energy in their show but I was a bit turned off when one guy started coughing up a loogie on stage into the audience...grody.

Next I headed to see CeeLo who was 30 minutes late to his set because of travel issues. They cut him off in the middle of his hit, "F*** You" and boy was he pissed about it. Needless to say, they restored his sound and he finished his set and left.  I also saw the lovely lasses of Warpaint perform one of my favorite songs, "Undertow"

I also saw Glasser, Kele, Miguel, Robyn some of Yacht and Lauryn Hill who was NOT late to her set this time around. She gave a great performance and brought so much energy. As for clothing choice...is she preggers?

By the end of the day I was exhausted and barely made it to the GAYNGS set which was right after Robyn, who has so much rhythm it's ridiculous! I still can't believe this is the same Robyn I watched perform on
"All That" in the 90s.  More Coachella details to come soon! I can't cram everything in one post!

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  1. Love what you do and how you do it. Your blog has inspired me to blog :)

  2. Can I say that you've just won me over with your use of "gnarly" lol... I use that word all the time and my husband looks at me crazy lol

    I missed them in oxford, i love them, i was just singing 'all this time it took you to get yourself straight' and they're on my blog :D


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